Cellular Blues

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Cellular Blues

It's a blue holiday for the cellular networks. Apparently, AT&T would like you to use your iPhone way less than you are. It's abusing their already tired network. The funniest response to this was by Fake Steve, who also happens to point out that the only innovation is in financial engineering.

VZW has doubled early termination fees for smartphones. The FCC is looking in to that.

Sprint is raising fees (that look like taxes but aren't) because they need some profit. (But these fee increases mean that you can cancel your contract without paying termination fees and get a pre-paid account to save money).

Sprint is also being sued twice. Once for losing data on the Palm Pre. The other lawsuit I can't believe toook so long. Sprint and Samsung are being sued in a distrcated driver death. This should be interesting, especially since the FCC has a task force working on the issue.

Oh, and again the rumor that Google will buy Sprint. Unlikely. The rumor about the Google Phone (or GOOG Employee mobile labs) is that it is an HTC with a GSM chip. Likely, T-Mobile will get it. Oh, rumor has T-Mobile merging with Sprint. My call: unlikely. GSM + iDen + CDMA + WiMax = disaster.

Sprint was also in the news for providing Geo-location data to law enforcement.

AT&T supposedly has the fastest network - and released an app called Mark the Spot so they can find the Dead zones.

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