Endstream Plans

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Endstream Plans

At ITEXPO East 2010, I sat down with Erik B. Levitt of Endstream Communications to find out what this wholesale VoIP Provider had plans for in 2010. Endstream is a domestic inter-connection carrier wholesaling VoIP minutes. It acquired a small residential VoIP player. It is in-process for CLEC status in five states.

Endstream is rolling out Residential VoIP and On-Net video services. Its network is video enabled, which may lead to a Video Talk plan. Integrated video bridging allows the company to offer video calls to any phone number, regardless of endpoint compatibility.

Endstream has an active channel for its wholesale termination service.

It's hosted residential VoIP service is run on a Class 5 switch. It is a wholesale product. LRN is coming csoon. LNP, E-911, CNAM, LIDB and unlimited local dialing are included in the residential DID product. The carrier can order online with automated set-up. (That helps Endstream scale it.) The customer will also need a Session Border Controller on premise, not unlike XO's Enterprise VoIP service. Endstream migrated to Sansay SBC's in 2009.

Levitt did tell me that his network has full T.38 support that guarantees the fax on the second try.

Endstream Comm. also supports HD Voice on-net, which neither Verizon nor AT&T support with their wholesale VoIP offerings.

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