Intelliverse Reverses Course

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Intelliverse Reverses Course

In November, I noted that Intelliverse was shifting focus. They are actually reversing course. Intelliverse was formerly Voicecom, a voicemail platform company. It made its money from MLM type companies, like Mary Kay, who had many franchisees who needed a voicemail type account. So it looks like another Hosted PBX vendor leaves the field. (Only 1000+ more to go :)

My understanding is that the channel managers have been let go, which makes me wonder what happens to the agents.

Despite a partnership of sorts with EarthLink's New Edge Networks to provide transport, the company didn't get enough traction in the Hosted PBX space. It's a common song: NGT changed tactics a number of times and so have many other VoIP companies. The challenge is sales. How do you scales sales in an ocean of me-too companies? It's the same issue that led to GM's demise.

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