HDTV Experience

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HDTV Experience

I have Bright House Networks for my Internet access and TV. I have a Toshiba LCD HDTV. I have had problems with signal disappearing to the TV for a while. I have also been experiencing problems with Video-on-Demand not working and the Guide. Support told me to reboot the box. It's happening so often I had to reboot once a week. Today, BHN swapped out the box - again. It's my third box since October 2009. All 3 are used Cisco's. BHN rolls like that. Save on equipment by recycling set-top boxes. This time I had an option to go with a Samsung. The Samsung box had a LAN connection but not an RF out so that I can watch TV on my PC. It's interesting that Samsung is the new vendor. Cisco bought Scientific-Atlanta in 2006. How did it lose market share like that?

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