Ethics of the Rolodex

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Ethics of the Rolodex

What happens when a channel manager leaves a Master Agent or a Carrier? 
Who's Rolodex is it? That database of contact info is a valuable asset.
What happens if the channel manager takes that database and all that information with them? Is that stealing?

There's been a much talk at agent events about ethics and I have 2 examples where it just seems this should be illegal.

One was a channel manager (CM) I had with a CLEC. To be honest, he wasn't that good of a channel manager. He was let go and turned up at another vendor, when he contacted me. I asked him to remove me from his database. Why? His only relationship with me was his short tenure as my CM. So where did that contact info come from? The CLEC. Who owns that data? The CM or the Carrier?

The other was a CM for a master agent. He left to work for a carrier. He poached agents that he had relationships with at the master agency. But worse, rumor has it that he also used info about clients and deals to help the agents that followed him to the new carrier.  Is it just me or is that slimy?

What do you think?

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