ReClassify the FCC

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ReClassify the FCC

You have thousands calling for reclassification of broadband service by the FCC. In other words, let's regulate broadband. As if that will help. More government red tape. Regulation didn't get CLEC's to develop a viable model in 14 years, so what will change with more regulation?

Dave Rusin, CEO at AFS, sold his company to Zayo, I think, to spend more time blogging about changes needed to both the FCC and CLEC strategy. (Hey, Dave, can you start with your Rochester pal?)

Rusin has a couple of gems in this post, but the problem is that the government is stuck. The NTIA hasn't gotten past Phase 1 in stimulus apps yet. WTH? Why?

I didn't really think that the Wireline Bureau would have said, "Job Done, Let's Close Up" - but really what do they have left to do? The ILEC's are all but unregulated. The cablecos as well. (Except for required paperwork and reporting to keep the FCC employees busy for 18 months before they can issue a report.) Cellular has little regulation. The FCC is all about spectrum now. The FCC doesn't tackle real issues like Inter-Carrier Compensation or Spoofing CallerID or CPNI actually.  It's all about looking busy. How about saving the taxpayers some money and shut the lights off. That way you can all go get a cushy job in the private sector that you "regulated".

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