Startup Camp Announces Keynote

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Startup Camp Announces Keynote

Last ITEXPO, Larry Lisser ran his first Startup Camp for Communications companies. It was a unique idea for our industry - and especially for an industry conference. Thomas Howe and Andy Abramson were two of the 4 judges who gave quality feedback to the 4 presenting companies.

This time round, Larry has brought in another excellent keynote: Jeff Bonforte

Jeff Bonforte currently is the CEO of Xobni. Prior to Xobni, Jeff was VP of Social Search at Yahoo!, where he ran Yahoo! Answers and Jeff was President of SIPphone, where he conceived and designed the Gizmo project, one of the earliest leaders in VoIP. In 1998 Jeff founded and was the CEO of i-drive, the largest online storage tool of the time, with over 10mm monthly unique visitors.  Quite the resume. 

Make sure you register to attend this evening event on Oct. 4th at ITEXPO in LA. It was full in Miami.


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