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CEO Moment

Football season started this weekend. The General Manager's job of an NFL team is to build a winning team. Let's assume that the team has a developing quarterback and a good running back. The GM's job during the draft and trade is to get the best blocking line that he can.

The quarterback needs protection and the running back needs a hole to run through.

This is no different in sales. Your sales team needs help.

They need a game plan. They need someone to remove corporate hurdles that stymie their performance. They need coaching. They need training - on your products and services, on the corporate systems, and on selling.

We are in a new world here. What worked 10 years ago won't work today. TDM was yesterday. IP Communications is today.

BTW, it's not just your direct sales team that needs help with blocking and protection. Your Indirect Channel is filled with Agents that want to sell your services if you just remove some obstacles.

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