COLOTRAQ Picks Up Slack

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COLOTRAQ Picks Up Slack

COLOTRAQ.pngJust as Switch-and-Data became Equinix, the channel program was shuttered. Well, COLOTRAQ is here to pick up the slack. COLOTRAQ has launched its master agency for colocation and managed hosting. 

Officials with Colotraq said that the new master agency empowers agents and consultants, who specialize in delivering telecom and IT solutions, to source their clients' needs for IT infrastructure.
Company officials said that joining the master agency gives an agent instant access to the services of more than 400 service providers who maintain over 3,000 colocation facilities in 1,200 markets across 160 countries. 
See COLOTRAQ's CEO, Dany Bouchedid, speak about Uncovering Collocation & Managed Hosting Opportunities at Channel Vision Expo on Monday, October 4.

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