Cloud Opportunities for Agents

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Cloud Opportunities for Agents

I was on a Cloud panel for Comdex Virtual for VAR's. (You can see that Nov. 16-17, 2010). And I am moderating Demystifying the Cloud for Agents at Microcorp One-on-One on Monday morning. Then I will be presenting Put Your Head in the Cloud: Opportunities for Agents with Khali Henderson for TCA on October 29th.

Where are the opportunities for agents in the Cloud?

Become a Net-Head and think beyond just the transit. Think about the overall way that the business uses the Internet, applications, and how important each of those are to revenue for the business. Security, disaster recovery, business continuity, data (storage, backup, archiving), redundancy, and productivity are what you need to be thinking -- not save money, cut costs, and let me see your bill.

There's more to it than a simple SIP Trunk.

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