Day 1 Observations from Phoenix

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Day 1 Observations from Phoenix

I'm at the Broadsoft Connections 2010 user conference in Phoenix. The theme is Ignite Passion (for Hosted UC). These are some of my notes:

Broadsoft is pushing not just Hosted PBX but services they are calling CAAS (Communications-as-a-Service). Broadsoft released BroadCloud - video conferencing, web collaboration and IM/Presence, sold as a hosted service to the Broadsoft service provider, who then sells it to the end user. Um, there might not be enough margin there for that many hands in the chain.

The Service Provider needs

"Cisco phones are not as spectacular as you would think

I met a Technology Efficiency Specialist from Hula.

it has been a long month on the road for me. Sitting through presentation where the presenter is kind of bored, plowing through slides of stats and graphs. We all get that Hosted PBX is growing. It has no where to go but up, so the chart should be a hockey stick. What the industry needs to hear is as follows:

What are the sales triggers? How do we duplicate the successes that are out there? What are the hurdles?

These questions were answered in the 10 UC Go-to-Market Strategies breakout session. Some attendees said that it was common sense, but:

common sense is super power

"UC is best served Hosted."

Keys to selling Hosted UC is Execution.

Basic VoIP revenue erosion is coming. Service Providers will need to sell value adds to increase ARPU. (It's all about total telecom spend.)

Agents, VAR's, and the rest of the Indirect Channel will have a difficult time selling Hosted UC, unless they drink the kool-aid and using Hosted UC. Anyone selling this stuff has to know it to sell it.

The keynote from Don Tapscott was about the Age of networked intelligience. We are in the middle of a Digital Revolution - go profit from it!

Some sponsors have some new gear to show off. (Aastra has some stuff to show me). And a familiar face showed up at OneAccess Networks: Dennis Gatens formerly with ADTRAN.

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