Little Things To Keep You Informed

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Little Things To Keep You Informed

Food for thought: from @davegirouard: OH at Google event: Fastfood operators know how important speed is to get more customers. Most website operators don't. <-- BINGO!

Dell lost the bidding war for 3PAR to HP. Now Dell is acquiring SaaS integration provider Boomi for an undisclosed sum.

Orcle is grabbing

Apple and Google are bidding for mobile payment firm Boku. close to acquiring Dimdim, a freemium web conferencing platform.

Cellular South plans to expand to Tennessee and Georgia by acquiring two PCS spectrum licenses from Banana Communications Ventures.

Infineon's wireless business unit, which is in the process of being acquired by Intel Corp., is taking over Blue Wonder Communications GmbH, a specialist in LTE communications. [EEtimes]

Oracel to spend $1B on e-commerce company, Art Technology Group (probably just for the cool name)

Vonage not doing well as revenue sinks and debt needs to restructured. Oops.

In hosting rumors, GoDaddy makes $800M and wants $1B to sell. Meanwhile, Rackspace is rumored to be in talks with Dell.

3G is faster than 4G - and marketing matters.

So much jockeying going on, it's hard to write about it all. Overall your bigger companies, like say Intel and Oracle, have hit a wall. It happened to eBay, PayPal, Yahoo, Microsoft and Motorola; it's likely happening to Google. If you are public, you buy revenue. And hope it works out. Most stock traders know next to nothing about the companies that they trade. So it's easy to buy a steady stock price or a bump here and there.

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