Broadsoft's Second Offering

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Broadsoft's Second Offering


Broadsoft investors are cashing out to the tune of 4.8 million shares to be priced at $22 according to Today, BSFT is trading at $26.

In other news, Tampa-based Microsoft partner, Tribridge bought Mercatus Group, a health care provider practice systems integrator.

More consolidation in the UC/Hosted PBX space per press release: Vantage Communications, the premier provider of hosted Unified Communications services, has announced it has acquired the assets, technology and customer base of Digital Ingenuity, a long established Philadelphia based VoIP Provider.

Terrapin Solutions, a Cloud Services Master Agency, today announced it will partner with Pac-West Telecomm, a strategic enabler for carriers and service providers, to make the Telastic white-label hosted IP/PBX service available to Terrapin's more than 1,400 nationwide agents. [press release]

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