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Peter : On Rad's Radar?
| Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO, Inc. talking telecom, Cloud, VoIP, CLEC, and The Channel.

This Week in Blurbs

Kajeet, a company formed when its three founder-fathers discussed how kids, cell phones, and parents could work best, has raised $18 million in new backing, according to a regulatory filing. [TJS]

4 case studies about cloud services, from infoweek

Seth Godin

57 Ways To Connect With Customers Online (the Seth Godin way) -- you could implement just 2 ideas for marked improvemnt in 2011! I have spend the better part of a month giving Goal Setting & Sales Planning for 2011 talks. The key is to make improvements in what you do for business. Learn a new software language. Learn a new product. Get better at time management. Improve your sales questions. I'm always looking to be a better blogger, so you, my audience, do not get bored.

Sprint decided that they want $10 more for premium 3G [ARS]

Brent Clements of Windstream wom Nashville's 40 under 40. Congrats! [bizjournal]

MailVU will present at Southeast Venture Conference 2011. MailVU allows users to send private video email. This has been tried by so many MLM companies. But it's good that an email start-up is getting a shot at funding.

Jon Arnold talks about Alteva's Video Auto attendant.

Will telcos fill the IT gaps for small- to mid-sized businesses? That's a future blog post. But seriously can a telco who can barely handle customer support now and who bills wrong at least 10% of the time be your go-to company for your IT services?

,p>And Facebook privacy rolls back again as it decides to share all of your contact info (and who knows what other info) with third-party apps!

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