Satellite Merger

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Satellite Merger

Echostar.jpgGary Kim writes that Echostar is buying Hughes Communications Inc. A majority of Hughes is owned by investment firm, Apollo Management IV, which, according to the BizJournal already approved the deal. Of course, the FCC has to approve the deal too.

BTW, already there is a hungry lawyer in Florida ready to sue Hughes over the deal for not getting a better deal.

Echostar is in a bidding war with Phillip Falcone's Lightsquared over two bankrupt companies, BDSD and Terrestar. These three wins would give Echostar a dominant place in satellite TV, broadband and manages services associated with its primary business of set-top boxes and Satellite Services.

This news comes right after Echostar acquired Move Networks, an adaptive streaming company for OTT Video. These are big moves for Echostar but Hughes has a Channel that sells its satellite (wireless) broadband services to businesses and a dealer network for consumers. How will this acquisition affect those Channels? No idea yet. 

DISH, currently a separate spun-off company from Echostar, has a dealer network as well that sells and installs satellite TV service. It will be interesting to see how all this comes to play. Certainly, the bundle opportunity looks good, but how many MDU tenants or home owners will want 3 satellite dishes on their roof? 

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