Business is Change

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Business is Change

Whenever I read a really good book, it takes a while because my head fills with thoughts of how this will help my clients (and my readers ;)  Right now I am reading Evil Plans by Hugh MacLeod [affil link].

Success is Complex. It isn't simple.

Business is Change. Especially today. Don't believe me? Ask anyone in marketing, PR, newspapers, TV, music, movies. The Internet has changed everything. (And still is.)

Sure technology changes - probably faster than Moore's Law now. But that's not all that changes.

Your business is not a checklist. It's not a series of activities that can be listed and checked off. Whew! Now we are done. You don't run through a checklist and say: website done. check. sales person hired. check. mailer sent out. check. The website has to evolve. Marketing has to shift to listening and engaging. Sales has to adapt. The back office needs to scale. Billing has to interface with ordering.

I understand that you are stressed out; too busy; no time; blah, blah, blah. And I mean it too. Blah blah blah. Those are excuses. You could outsource it. You could delegate. All too often we do the urgent and not the important. We don't schedule properly. Yet there are so many tools to help you do that.

Success is about managing the Complex.

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