Quota Part Deux

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Quota Part Deux

Quota is a big deal. It's what salespeople and management sweat and stress over every month. There are a few pieces that can make this easier to handle, especially for the management.

One is Support. Quota was handed out to the sales team and they were told to get on it. Any direction other than that? Did you supply leads? A Value Proposition? A script? These are just tools that the sales team can utilize to feel like they aren't alone. There are others.

Another consideration is whether or not your sales personalities are aligned with product. For example, is she a farmer or a hunter? Is she transactional or a whale hunter? Makes a big difference in what is sold; what prospecting is done; how it is done; and performance.

Incentive is an interesting thing. Most think it is about money. Actually studies have found that its about rewards and recognition. Dr. Bob Nelson has written a few books on the subject [affil link]. Contests, achievement awards, salesperson of the month, etc. Little ways to let the team know that notice and appreciate the effort. [This works with non-sales people too, btw.]

There have been other papers that say that if you take an interest in employees personal goals and personla development that it reduces churn and increases job satisfaction. [This is for non-sales positions.] Celebrating work anniversaries and birthdays may sound sappy. (And who wants that lousy supermarket cake anyway?) But it is the little cultural things that build teams (and families). Money isn't the only factor people consider about employment.

My understanding about the culture of sales at Cbeyond is that with all that growth that they experienced, they were able to retain folks because there was room on the ladder to climb. Room for growth.

And finally I will circle back to sales to remind you that Tom Peters states that management's sole responsibility is to remove hurdles. Make it easy to do business with you and for you.

Work on some of these things and you will see morale improve and quota improve. With employee satisfaction ultimately comes customer satisfaction.

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