Riding the IPv6 Wave

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Riding the IPv6 Wave

Correction: Verio is now just the name for the NTT hosting division.

NTT America is looking to make a big splash in the IPv6 space in the Channel. NTTA has run a global IPv6 network for quite a few years. In fact, NTTA sponsored an IPv6 Summit in 2007.

This year is the start of a push to convert over to IPv6, the latest addressing scheme for Internet devices. Why are we switching? This year marks the exhaustion of available addresses in the IPv4 space. The old has basically been used up because every household plugs too many Internet connected devices in: TV, laptop, Xbox, Blu-Ray player, set-top box, OTT video appliance, wireless access points, media servers, and even refridgerators. Of course, most of these do not carrier a live IP address but are numbered via NAT from that broadband router your ISP rented you. The router has a live IP address that looks like this So does every smartphone. And every VoIP phone. So because everything has to be always-on, we exhausted the old numbering system (globally). The ISP's still have numbers to give out to customers, but soon they won't.

At some point, like now, we have to start selling IPv6 Internet bandwidth. The problem is that many devices are not IPv6 capable. That very thought makes Cisco drool.

In the meantime, we will have dual-layer boxes that will run both IPv4 and IPv6 -- just to make it really confusing for the over-worked IT staff. So NTT is pushing that Agents should start selling IPv6 now. In fact, the August TCA agent education webinar will be with me and NTT talking about IPv6 and why anyone should care.

There was a World IPv6 Day on June 8 to "conduct a 24-hour test to demonstrate the ability of selected Web sites around the world to move to a global IPv6-enabled Internet". It faired well. Now we just have to get out and sell a bunch of IPv6 bandwidth.

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