How does the Verizon Strike Affect Agents

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How does the Verizon Strike Affect Agents

From notices from both Netwolves and Microcorp about the Verizon workers strike.

Effective yesterday, two unions - the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - representing 45,000 workers at Verizon announced an immediate strike. The strike involves Verizon field technicians and call center employees from Massachusetts to Virginia/DC. This strike will cause delays in both Installations and Repair in the Northeast.

This will also affect Install and Repair for CLEC's operating in this region on all copper (UNE) related services

There will be immediate impact to your business and customers. Please notify ALL customers that have pending installs in the areas where Verizon is the local LEC that they will most likely experience some delays.

Verizon has advised that Repair orientated tasks will be covered by non-union management. In Tampa, employees were shipped to the Northeast to work the vacated union jobs -- but the workers are frightened and are not especially trained (just a few days last week) in these jobs.

Provisioning of new orders will be delayed until an agreement is reached. And Provisioning escalations will NOT be accepted at this time, unless the order is for Public Safety, Medical, E911 or Out of Service situations.

States impacted by the strike are: Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, NJ, NY, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia.

UPDATE: Verizon strike update: how it is affecting DID porting: from VoIP Innovations. TWT told me that FOC dates are now 12/30/2011!!

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