Letter to EMS Financial Customers

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Letter to EMS Financial Customers


From: EMS Financial Services [mailto:admin@emsfinancialservices.com]

Sent: December-03-11 6:17 PM

Dear EMS Customers and Friends,

You are undoubtedly aware of the difficult situation EMS finds itself in. However you may or may not be aware that a forensic examination of EMS accounts has revealed evidence that the Original Founder, Principal and Managing Member of EMS, Mr. James Nicholson, has misappropriated and mismanaged substantial amounts of EMS funds, having sole and complete access and control of all financial banking throughout the period.

Upon the company becoming aware of these matters that were created by Mr. Nicholson, he resigned from his position on September 9, 2011.

The remaining EMS employees proceeded with full corporate due diligence, while commencing negotiations with various interested parties to secure the liquidity in order to honor all deposits. We have used all efforts and resources to work with any and all potential investment groups around the world.

We are saddened to advise that we have no further resources or opportunities available to restore or correct the actions and mismanagement that have occurred, and are forced to cease operations.

The team has been and is in communication with the legal and governmental authorities in order to further pursue all matters related, and would expect them to continue their investigation into the matter.

We profusely apologize for this situation, and we will continue to the best of our abilities to keep you informed of any further developments.

The EMS Staff

Best regards,

Ems Financial Services

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