And So The New Year Starts

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And So The New Year Starts

NY's Broadsoft based Hosted VoIP Provider, Stage 2 Networks, started the new year with the acquisition of the Hosted VoIP Division of Consolidated Technologies, Inc., a New York City area Avaya partner. Stage 2 needed the growth is my take from the PR comments from CEO Joe Gillette. There will be more of this in 2012, because there are too many VoIP Providers and most have very little growth. This transaction is similar to Telovations grabbing FeatureTel. It costs money to run a Broadsoft. Organic sales aren't coming fast enough to hit scale, so buy some customers and some revenue.

With 2012, the market will see the MSO Giants - Cox and Comcast - start crushing it in the Hosted VoIP space. They own the network to deliver QOS and to price beat any competitor.

IN data center news, the REIT (real estate investment trust) Gladstone purchased the 20K square foot data center at 810 Parish Street in Pittsburgh, home of Expedient Communications, for $4M.

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