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Thought of the Day

In what other business industry would make it so flaming difficult to give revenue to?

CenturyLink just issued Channel Rules of Engagement (part II): "CenturyLink Channel Alliance, in conjunction with the Savvis Alliances partner program, has developed Phase II of the Savvis-CenturyLink Rules of Engagement (ROE). The attached Phase II ROE document identifies six unique customer types and outlines business rules for each selling scenario." Don't ask because I am still scratching my head to understand it.

AT&T has made it incredibly difficult to sell services in the former RBOC areas - SBC, Ameritech, BellSouth, etc. Even for its own direct reps.

VZB is renewing its commitment to the Channel and is revamping its Verizon Indirect Sales Partner (VISP) program.

It's kind of like an abusive relationship sometimes. "Honey, I'm sorry I hit you and kicked you out of the house. I won't do it again. I promise."

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