Channel Manager Best Practices

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Channel Manager Best Practices

Thumbnail image for TCAlogoBig.jpgOn Tuesday, March 27 at 11:30AM PT, the Technology Channel Association (TCA) will hold the first ever Channel Managers Best Practices Forum at the Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

TCA's mission is channel education. The TCA holds monthly webinars for members and has developed a Certified telecom Professional program. In Vegas, the TCA will be holding our 5th Channel Chief Summit alongside this Channel Managers forum. With this event, channel managers will have the opportunity to network and learn from their peers. Four Rock Star Channel Managers will discuss some of their best practices such as:

  • Balancing 80/20

  • Maximizing the MMR of the Agent

  • What is your #1 job responsibility?

  • How do you balance agent business interest with corporate interest?

  • Internal relationships

  • Setting Agent expectations 

Lunch will be provided!*

The 4 Channel Manager Rock Stars chosen by TCA members are:

  • Charles Lomond of Airespring

  • Crystal Farley of Megapath

  • Sherrie Hiller at Telepacific

  • Chris Schubert of Telnes Broadband

  • Space is limited. Register today!

    (*Most of the ticket cost is the lunch from Caesars.)

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