A Lesson in Value Proposition

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A Lesson in Value Proposition

This came across my twitter stream this week:

"Must-read for founders: A VC explains how to build a killer value proposition" on VentureBeat by Michael Skok, a Venture Capitalist at North Bridge Venture Partners. His slideshare page contains a couple of really good decks of information about Go-To-Market and Value Prop - two things that I help companies address in this industry.


That's his Go-to-Market diagram.

A Value Proposition is created by filling in these blanks:

  • For (target customers)
  • Who are dissatisfied with (the current alternative)
  • Our product is a (new product)
  • That provides (key problem-solving capability)
  • Unlike (the product alternative)

When he asks (in slide 20) "What is your compelling breakthrough?" I think about Hosted PBX companies. None of them have any special sauce. If 400 of you have a Broadsoft, it comes down to a few variables:

  • sales execution and marketing acumen;
  • technology proficiency to get all the pieces of UC to work smoothly;
  • onboarding success, which means customer service too;
  • integration services with other tech for the customer;

When I look at Agents, the same applies. You don't really have any special sauce either, so to stand out you need to either be great at sales, marketing, customer service, or product knowledge, but really a combination of these.

For Master Agents, it will come down to culture and tools that they develop.


Skok says something that Seth Godin preaches: "Ideas are worth little to nothing without: People to execute; Culture to select the right people; and Vision to attract the best stakeholders."

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