Duopoly Now Offering Home Automation and Security

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Duopoly Now Offering Home Automation and Security

Comcast, Bright House Networks, Cox, TWC, Verizon and now AT&T are offering home automation and security service. BHN and VZ are competing in the Tampa Bay market for all consumer services - voice, TV, broadband and now security.

"Bright House Networks' system does provide home security, it also helps users manage and monitor their energy, lighting and home appliances via the touchscreen. The security cameras connect to the touchscreen via Wi-Fi, while the rest of the peripherals in a home are connected to it via ZigBee." [CED Mag] BHN has a similar system as Cox, Comcast and TWC. These cablecos sure know how to volume buy this stuff. Home automation touchscreen, wireless security cameras, lighting modules, thermostat, motion detectors, window/door sensors, key fobs, and more, all available from your mobile apps. Notifications are available via email or text. "AT&T's technology comes from Xanboo, a company it bought in late 2010."

I guess this becomes the next playground for the Duopoly, competing against Tyco's ADT (which is a roll-up of Broadview/Brinks and ADT).

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