Verbal One Year Contracts

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Verbal One Year Contracts

ATT has verbal one year contracts available. New service ordered within a few minutes for clients via an Authorized Solution Provider (agent). [This has to be for really simple stuff like POTS and DSL.]

However, ATT doesn't send any TAC (terms) or even welcome information to the customer. There is also a failure to mention that the verbal contracts auto-renew for 2 additional one year terms; thus, it's really a 3 year agreement!

"ATT will send the client a letter 30-60 days prior to the auto renewal, but if the letter isn't responded to, the original verbal contracts auto renews. Now, the client does have a 30 days window after the renewal to cancel and move service or cancel and opt for a different term, but no additional notification is sent after the renewal letter send prior to the end of the term." [ccs]

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