Broadsoft Goes Direct?

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Broadsoft Goes Direct?

When I have spoken to Broadsoft customers, there has often been speculation that Broadsoft would have to go direct. The hope at the Cloud Communications Alliance was that all of them would be merged into one retail company. Did something like that just happen?

Broadsoft announced yesterday that they acquired Adaptation Technologies. All my Google search showed was that Adaptation Tech sold SIP Advantage®. Adapt-Tech even has an agent channel.

According to the press release, BSFT just wanted Rialto®, a web-based service operating platform. Adapt-tech mentions it on the website: "Agents and resellers can leverage the capabilities of Rialto® to quickly sell, provision, activate and bill for VoIP services in a fully automated, paperless environment."

One BSFT employee writes on G+ that it is likely BSFT just wanted Rialto to improve provisoning for cloud services. BroadCloud is a heavy Wall Street bet for the company.

One comment on a listserv: "If they use this chance to get their corporate mindset closer to the actual end user of their product, it could be a good thing for everyone."

The business model is primarily sell more licenses, so if they sell a platform that will make it easier to sell more licenses.....

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