Channel Moves

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Channel Moves

Zayo decided to keep the AboveNet channel intact with Angelo Germani in charge. Zayo announced that zColo's products and services will join Ethernet, Wavelength and IP products for sale via channel partners.

Windstream is partnering with Lifesize (a division of Logitech) for HD Videoconferencing equipment. Paetec has long offered equipment for lease to SMB to go with services.

Windstream has hired Anne Brogan, formerly at NITEL, as National Channel Manager, just about 6 weeks after the channel head, Dan Sterling, was let go and Jeff Howe assumed his duties. Good Luck, Anne!

CloudTC, the Android based IP desk phone that debuted at StartupCamp a couple of years ago, has rolled out to the Channel.

West IP (formerly Smoothstone) has a really cool new website. Luv the madness screamer! With the website revamp comes MediaCloud, a Microsoft Lync offering.

8x8 is going global - to Canada and the UK, according to UC Strategies. A lot of that info was covered in these two blog posts - CMO interview and Agent interviews.

The timing on this announcement couldn't be better: RadioShack launches MVNO service! They are so good at customer service that they have become a service provider. Lucky for them, telecom - much like airlines - has a very low bar for customer care. Oh, they answer the phone and quote you policy but that's about it. RS will fit right in.

Once upon a time, OC-192 networks were the way to measure a network's manhood. Now it is 100G. XO rolled out 100G nationwide.

IRONY of the Day: The guy I wrote about that thought Agents work part-time, just got a new gig as a channel manager. I guess that part-time agency plan went down the tubes. I just hope he works full-time as a channel manager - just not as MY channel manager.

If you will be at the CPExpo next week in Orlando, let's meet up. The TCA is holding its 4th year Anniversary on 9/11 at 7:30 in Orlando. Register here. See you there!

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