Retirement Planning for TDM

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Retirement Planning for TDM

XO rolled out in purple for the Channel Partners Expo in Orlando. The Rocks lounge at the Peabody has been rocking with the telecom folks drinking and talking and talking till the wee hours of the night - then up to do it again the next day. This show has been a long series of meetings and events mixed in with catching up with familiar faces, but then that is the trade show formula, right?

This show like so many lately has been taken over by Cloud, which is not surprising except maybe to the traditional Agent base. Personally I think that some of the CPExpo should be more along the NCTA model: fun mixed in with seminars on business planning, retirement planning and exit strategies. You may laugh, but all the headlines read that TDM is done, the traditional agent is a dinosaur, and either go cloud or go home.

One thing to remember is that while the Noise level for Cloud is huge and bordering on ridiculous, the actually ink on cloud services compared to telecom is tiny. The actual ARPU from cloud for carriers is tiny. You would think so from hearing them talk, but the numbers don't lie.

In the CCS meeting with Parallels yesterday, the SMB data that John Zanni shared with the group was impressive, but the glaring point that many gloss over:  cloud is about making life for productive and efficient BUT that requires Integration and almost invisible deployment and on-boarding.  Who is going to do that?  Some carriers still can't deliver a T1 correctly. How will that work for cloud sales? Yikes. Maybe retirement planning is in order for more than just agents.

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