The New Job Marketplace

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The New Job Marketplace

Jobvite has a slide deck about the future of work. Bigger companies are not creating the same amount of jobs - or the same kind of jobs. Technology replaced a lot of workers, even some salespeople.

The 3 C's - Consolidation, Cloud, (global) Competition - are eliminating jobs by the tens of thousands - ask CenturyLink, Verizon, Cisco, HP.

Think about Apple with its 43,000 employees. It has created how many jobs in its ecosystem, though? For iOS developers, Apple accessories, iPhone repair and factory workers in China.

Many jobs today weren't even around ten years ago. Think SEO, social media and even RubyonRails programmers.

Technology is replacing some jobs and creating others.

More and more people are turning freelance. How do I know? Personal experience. Quite a few folks laid off in Tampa Bay turned to freelance work. vCoder, PeoplePerHour,, eLance, etsy and so many other sites that are marketplaces for people to sell their skills. I'm not saying that is a reason for the low unemployment numbers, but I know quite a few folks that had to hang a shingle to eat. Add to that more anecdotal evidence in my talk on Advice for Freelancers at BarCamp Tampa Bay on Saturday. Quite a few in the audience are just starting to go freelance from a W-2 employment.

TechCrunch has an article about the new jobs in the new economy. So the Internet (and the technology surrounding it) disrupts newspapers, magazines, book publishing, music, movies, and more, but we didn't think that it would also disrupt hiring, jobs, and how people make a living as well?

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