I Want to be the FCC Chairman

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I Want to be the FCC Chairman

The FCC is losing two key people - Commissioner Robert McDowell and the Chairman Julius Genachowski. It is difficult to be the FCC chairman, but I still want the job!

You have to balance politics and the 3 branches of govt with the Duopoly power, the effect to consumers.

"Julius Genachowski never let the will of Congress, the opinion of the American people, or even federal court decisions get in the way of his determination to regulate the Internet," writes the Heartland Institute.

In all of that political juggling -- which is the problem with America right now -- competition lost. Winners were picked. Losers too. And the loser is the Consumer.

Julius did try. BTOP, the Broadband Plan, CAF, USF reform were all marked attempts to let the little guy have a shot and shake up the system.

Heartland Institute states, "in the one area where he could have made a difference - freeing up spectrum for use in the exploding wireless broadband market - he failed miserably." I don't see the spectrum problem the same way everyone else seems to. There is plenty of spectrum, but the cellcos are not deploying it!

At some point, spectrum is going to be a problem if we continue to believe that mobile devices will be attached just like a wired device. However, having 3 companies - ATT, VZW and Sprint/Clearwire/Softbank - own the majority of the fiber is crazy - and will lead to a number of problems.

What would I do?

For one, I would start wearing kevlar-titanium suits, especially after I demand some form of Structural separation. Why? We need the copper plant for EOC. If the ILEcs don't want it, let's spin it off and run the copper plant as a wholesale unit.

Eminent Domain has won at the Supreme Court. Use it or lose it.

Enforcement would start Day 1. On what you ask so nicely? Enforcement of robocalls, merger conditions, spectrum deployment, auction conditions like open access.

I hate to quote Heartland Institute again because they are such a conservative, pro-ILEC, deregulate-the-industry group, but it is true about the next Chair needing to be an entrepreneur and a digital economy protector. HI thinks that Net Neutrality doesn't help the economy. How close minded is that? In fact, the way HI thinks perhaps we should just close the FCC and save $330M a year. I am kind of for that IF the Commission can't restore some competition and get pricing inline with the rest of the world. The Duopoly are Utilities. I don't care if you're banking on their dividends. At the end of the day, the US economy depends upon the Internet so that it can hum along. We have already spend hundreds of billions on telecom, which should have built a FTTH network to rival any country. And if Australia can do it, so can we.

You know what was missing from the Google Fiber project and the Broadband Plan? A BHAG - a big, hairy audacious goal - like we will have 50MB to every home by 2016.

When you look at all of the online education available, strides in tele-medicine, and the need for more programmers, what could be better than a fat pipe to every home?

Meanwhile, the IP transition will have far reaching effects. You have to mitigate them like was done DTV transition.

Yeah, the next Chair is going to have to have thick skin and some serious skills to move the country along. Consider this my application for that position. The Internet was deployed to the majority of the populace by risk-taking small businesses. Today, it is mismanaged by less than 25 companies. We need to change that.

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