Finding Fault is Not a Job

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Finding Fault is Not a Job

Every send an email out and the only replies are typos and grammar corrections?

Every go to a meeting to have other departments complain loudly about your department's performance?

Finding fault is not a job.

It creates a toxic environment. In today's business environment, the most creative company wins. Toxic is not an ingredient for creative.

Congress currently has this problem -- and so too do some state governments. We have become a country of critics. Some of you are laughing because you think I am a pessimist or a cynic, but the difference I think is that while I find fault, I usually (not every time, but most of the time) also offer solutions.

Mark Sanborn was the keynote last night. He said that a Cynic is an Idealist that doesn't want to be disappointed.

He was an excellent speaker dropping nuggets with humor. Couple of points that he made:

Don't spend all of your energy on the knuckleheads. The stars and future stars need recognition too. Businesses often starve opportunity and feed problems. Stop that!

Everyone makes a difference.

Re-invent yourself everyday.

Seth Godin's blog yesterday was "A field guide to the Meeting Troll" - oh, boy, did he hit it on the head.

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