2 Acquisitions

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2 Acquisitions

Two acquisitions to mention.

iTalk acquired RocketVoIP. iTalk is know for its sleeve to turn an iPod Touch into a VoIP phone. RocketVoIP was an OTT (over-the-top) VoIP provider that offered unlimited international plans. It is an interesting combination. Unlimited VoIP on your iPod including International.

GTT buys Inteliquent data business for $54.5 million. This is the business that Neutral Tandem (the name of the company before it became Inteliquent) bought with its TINET acquisition in 2010 for almost $100M. It was profitable too, with revenue close to $70M. Inteliquent has been through some management changes, so this may be a step in the company re-focusing on its core products: voice. Or they just needed the cash. Who knows? It's telecom, where there is no rhyme or reason.

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