The First Woman Chair at the FCC

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The First Woman Chair at the FCC

I don't know much about Mignon Clyburn, except that she is the first acting chairwoman of the FCC. Congrats!

She will be acting chair until Congress approves the appointment of Wheeler to the Chair. Considering some federal judges are waiting 700 days now for appointment, who knows how long this will take.

As long as she has the chair, Clyburn says that she will regulate with a light touch, but touch when necessary.

I hope so, but I can bull on that. The FCC has been consolidating power in 4 companies for a while.

What happened to the Open Access rules on the 700 MHz spectrum?

Why are there still issues with porting?

The FCC collects outage reports, but what do you do with it?

What is it the FCC really regulates? Seriously. What?

In her first speech at CTIA, she said she was happy with the competition! Okay, mission accomplished. Let's close the FCC and save $346 million a year.

On his way out the door, Genachowski's FCC voted to lift 126 outdated telecom rules. Julius made this statement with the order, " With 126 regulations removed, we're talking about millions of dollars in savings, which will ultimately result in a more dynamic, competitive market and lower prices for consumers." Which just proves what a politician he is. Competition? Dude, you did nothing effective to provide a competitive landscape in broadband or wireless.

I don't see Clyburn or Wheeler doing any better. I guess they don't understand how vital the Internet is to our economy.

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