1K of Space

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1K of Space

A Brand is a 1K memory slot in a brain. It is the accumulation of everything they know, heard, experienced, think about your company, product, services, employees.


Sometimes that 1K is empty. Sometimes that 1K is full. Sometimes there is no room for you in storage.

Marketing has always been every touch of the customer. Every single touch of the prospect or customer is adding to that 1K. Every single touch is a chance to win or lose.

What kind of touches? Commercials, advertisements, messaging, pre-sales, collateral, website, the sales person, the receptionist or worse the IVR that answers the phone, the bill they receive, the quote proposal, the customer service they receive (or don't).

Now even social media presence, call center reps, webinars, the online sales process, retention department, blogs, speaking engagement, demonstrations.

On the one hand, we live in a marketplace that has lousy customer service, so the bar is pretty low there.

But we also work in the market that has Zappos, Apple and Amazon. It also has Fresh Books, 37 Signals, Fog Creek and Hubspot. These companies are great examples of design, customer service, social media, ease of use, easy to order, great execution.

People have an iPhone or Galaxy or a Kindle Fire or an iPad -- and they want that kind of ease of use, that experience (seamless experience), with everything they do. They spend more for it.

Think about all that before you tweet again and wonder why your sales are stagnant.

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