Converging At CompTIA

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Converging At CompTIA

I am in Orlando at the Peabody Hotel (nice hotel) again for ChannelCon, which is CompTIA's annual event (formerly called Breakaway). It's filled with meetings - 9 hours of them tomorrow (ugh!). It is wrapped around a couple of themes (in my view) - get certified and converge IT with Telecom.

IT and Telecom have been converging for a few years. CLECs have been moving toward IT for longer than that. They started with managed router, then security, and now managed IT and cloud services.

VARs have always been knee deep in the IT services for small and medium businesses. Network services have been an afterthought for many of them.

However, the VAR vendors are changing. Microsoft went hosted apps while closing down Tech Net and SBS. Cisco has tried consumer and software. Dell is in a power struggle after numerous acquisitions. HP is, well, HP.

Even the distributors - SYNNEX, Ingram, Tech Data - are all transforming.

Ubiquitous broadband, smartphones and tablets have disrupted everything. The ebbing economy gave it a push. Apps, APIs, and SDKs have just added to the disruption.

Everyone is trying to figure out a business model amid the shadows of Google, Apple and Samsung. Can't wait to hear what people are doing.

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