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Keep It Simple

If I could give you just one piece of advice it would be to Keep It Simple.

Service Providers whole job (or reason for being) is to remove the technology from the user in order for the user to be productive.

I received a call from someone who reads this blog. He was having trouble finding a service provider that would be a partner and investor in his UC project. He was unable to explain in a single sentence what pain he solved. He isn't alone.

People buy for 2 reasons: to escape pain or for pleasure. Mostly to escape pain.

Why is selling insurance so difficult? Most people understand that they need insurance - home, auto, renter, life, health - but selling it is difficult. Why? It's intangible. No trust. Too many gotchas. Pages of forms to sign. The customer experiences fear and anxiety due to all the unknowns. Do you see how this might resemble what you sell and how you sell it?

When you look at an the average telco product catalog, it is too big. It contains everything, in every size, for everybody. However, most of the products are unknown to the sales force - and to the marketplace. Many services have not just 3 or more bundles but a large variety of add-ons and options. Too much choice.


Customers don't have a choice problem. They have plenty of providers to choose from for everything from broadband to voice to security. (Sure in some cases and some places, the choices may be limited but still there is choice.)

The only way to go is to keep it simple.

Simple message. Simple bundle.

Take the friction out of the sales process as much as you can.

Google won search originally because it's home page was so simple - just search.

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