More Than Just VoIP Now

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More Than Just VoIP Now

The ITEXPO used to be the primary VoIP show. Today as we launch the pre-show, I notice that none of the press releases are about VoIP. Hardly any are even about UC (unified communications). There is a lot of noise around M2M. (Oh, so many PR people filled my inbox with noise about M2M). We all know that mobile will be big. BYOD anyone? Plus just drive around and see everyone on their phones all the time (WHILE driving even!)

SDN - software defined networks - is a look at the future of the WAN.

Lync in the Enterprise is buzzing, but moreso because people want to do more with it than chat.

Social Engagement is trending but that's because ther is so much tech, software and automation around it. Plus social media has become just one more component for the contact center. It used to be low priced VoIP. Then it was UC, now we add social media to the UC.

No surprise the big trend is cloud. The old hosting companies like Hostway and Verio are now infrastructure players in cloud. They already had the gear, back office and data centers. And the CLECs are here talking about cloud - Cbeyond, EarthLink and TelePacific.

And some casinos are coming in to give actual case studies about integration and social media.

That doesn't mean VoIP isn't here. UC and Cloud Comm are VoIP. And Asterisk World is going on today. Ingate's SIP trunking workshops and FreePBX World will be here this week.

The thing I do notice is that it is more about business cases and case studies than just showcasing the technology. That's a big step forward. The CIO today doesn't care about the technology or the platform, their job requires deployment, integration and productivity.

I am off to Editor's Day. Come see me in the press room.

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