Video Closes More Business

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Video Closes More Business

From my inbox:

"The experiment: See how a webcam impacts sales efficiency for ShareFile. The result: A 34% increase in close rates.... the ShareFile sales team put the effectiveness of video conferencing to the test in the real world and increased their close rate by 34% just by turning on webcams in GoToMeeting."

When I was working with Vidtel, every call was a video call (when possible). On video calls, people can't really multi-task. You have more of their attention. The calls were shorter too. ShareFile wrote, "It builds rapport where otherwise there would be none. It makes you more than just a voice." Video calls aren't face-to-face in real life (F2F IRL), but it can be the next best thing. (Of course, a lousy camera on a bogged down laptop over a wi-fi connection at Starbucks will take away from that experience immensely. Be smart.)

Give it a shot.

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