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Lots Going On

Apparently, all will be better when we switch from QAM to WAM

DISH hasn't given up on wireless. It has done terrestrial LTE trials with nTelos. DISH is still looking to buy LightSquared or T-Mobile. Now DISH is doing LTE trials with Sprint in Texas. Poking the bear with that since Texas is SBC-Land, home of the death star (ATT).

Broadsoft bought another service provider. This one is in Germany for $9M. "BroadSoft today announced it is further extending its BroadCloud(R) unified communications (UC) services in Germany with the completion of the acquisition of finocom AG, a leading provider of cloud-delivered UC services." [marketwatch]

It costs real dollars for the telcos and cellcos to store all the data that the NSA expects. However, these carriers are charging the government to recoup those costs.

Someone in the EarthLink marketing department has renamed virtualization as FlexCloud Hosting.

Over a year ago DukeNet started playing with SDN (software defined networks). Now they have announced a live demo. DukeNet "is conducting a software-defined network (SDN) proof-of-concept demonstration that will illustrate SDN orchestration across the wide area network (WAN) and the data center. "Conducted in a real world multi-vendor environment, the event validates our ability to dynamically spin up data center virtual machines (VMs) along with virtualized network resources for customers," said David Herran, Vice President of Network Architecture and Technology Planning."

A few weeks ago Verizon bought Edgecast. Video delivery is important for VZ, especially on FiOS and with its deal with Redbox.

The FCC did provide some relief to CLECs: WCB suspends AT&T special access tariffs for investigation

Juniper is buying WANDL to get a handle on SDN. $60M deal.

Yahoo acquired PeerCDN.

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