Don't Be Lazy in VoIP Sales

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Don't Be Lazy in VoIP Sales

Things must be tough over at RC, because I received an email from an RC account exec titled, "Looking for best contact". The copy was "I am doing some research on your company to determine if there is any interest in a cloud business phone system. Your business will benefit from more control, more features and 50-70% lower telecommunications costs." There's a few things wrong here.

One: spamming just pisses me off. It's not even factual because ANY research on my company would show you a ton of info, like I consulted for a number of VoIP companies (so I probably already have Hosted PBX service, which I do from

Two: the email address used was one that I only use for one specific email listserv, so I know that you are scraping emails from a listserv, which is just shady business.

Three: Why are you still selling VoIP with the slogan I'll save you money?!! Why? Why?

Position yourself better! [50 ways to do that here.]

I wrote a book on how to sell cloud services (including Hosted PBX). You are a reading a blog that has numerous posts on how to sell cloud comm. There is an expo coming up in Miami Beach - ITEXPO - that has sessions on how to sell cloud.

RC used to be fueled by affiliate marketers. I guess that is slowing down. But affiliate business should be replaced by SEM, PPC and inbound marketing campaigns. Not by spam. You might as well robo-dial me like other companies do. It will be just as effective.

Most purchasing of Hosted VoIP today takes place online. Recognize that the sales process is different today. "Recognize we are at a "strategic inflection point"; you must now adapt your approach, methodology, skills and practices or die," states B2C article.

Phone calls aren't dead. They are part of the sales process. But you should be spending your time on warm targets or verticals or networking or referrals - not spamming people.

I'm presenting on How to Double Your Sales at ITEXPO with Mojo Marketing on Wed. @ 9 AM. One concept: we have limited time so concentrate your efforts on the best targets!

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