WCS Buys Alteva Subsidiary

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WCS Buys Alteva Subsidiary


From an email from WCS (Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.) today. "WCS announced that it acquired substantially all the assets and infrastructure of USADatanet, a subsidiary of Alteva Communications, Inc. in all-cash transaction. This key addition to WCS' network and engineering/IT assets marks a major milestone in WCS' strategic evolution to a true next-generation global facilities-based carrier that delivers converged voice and data communications services through a patented software-as-a-service supply chain platform."

This statement confuses me: "The acquisition brings new capabilities to WCS including state-of-the-art hosted PBX/IP Centrex platform and full ACS/call enter functionality; integrated audio conferencing bridge and voice platform with an integrated T.38 IP Fax platform. "WCS now has a nationwide access network including high capacity access circuits to our clients (Verizon, TWC, TW Telecom, Broadview, Bebertch and others," stated WCS President and CEO, Chris Barton." It makes it sound like they acquired a hosted UC platform, which was the original service of Alteva. To further confuse it, Channel Partners reported in September that USA DataNet was sold for $600K to an undisclosed buyer. I am assuming that the undisclosed buyer was WCS. And apparently, WCS is a vendor of Alteva. I am waiting on clarification from WCS. A little history in the mean time.

Warwick Valley Telephone (WVT) bought USA DataNet out of bankruptcy in 2009 for $1.25 million. USA DataNet had "170 remaining customers (for phone and Internet), most of whom operate small and medium-sized businesses in Central New York." WVT acquired hosted UC provider, Alteva, in 2011 for $17 million. In January of 2013, WVT and USA DataNet were renamed Alteva - one name, one shift from a small independent LEC to a cloud services company.

WCS was an LD company. Then it got into the wholesale circuit game with its billing system (named ABACUS). Later on, WCS got into the VoIP space - really the SIP trunking space. WCS targets medium sized businesses as a reseller of 125 carriers globally offering dial-tone, data and Internet.


WCS "acquired the USADatanet assets related to the Broadview NCI (Natural Convergence) system, the colo, MMR, conferencing platform, ACD software and all the clients and carrier interconnects. We own a Sonus-powered network so this was an incremental add (20,000 ports, SBC and chassis along with the Class 5 application server environment. The Syracuse colo is already inter-connected to our network so getting this and the carriers/clients was a great add to our growth strategy." from an email from Chris S. Barton, Founder & CEO of WHOLESALE CARRIER SERVICES, INC.

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