Google Enters the Video Conference Space IRL

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Google Enters the Video Conference Space IRL


So Google is bringing Hangouts to your living room or your office. Google has launched a hardware package for video conferencing that is $1000. TechRepublic breaks it down, but simply it is Intel i7 processor in an ASUS computer with an HD camera, a combined speaker and microphone, and a remote control.

The service costs $250 per year and has connections to Vidyo and UberConference. It will compete with AVer and Tely Labs, who both offer a video conferencing set-up for sub-$1000. At ITEXPO, I was told that Lifesize will soon be joining the $1000 party as well.

For channel partners that like selling hardware, now is the time because you get to sell network right alongside. (You can't make a video conference call without some good, reliable bandwidth.)

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