Telesphere Goes Reality TV in Booth

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Telesphere Goes Reality TV in Booth

A few posts this month from trade shows where I just wanted to point out some unusual marketing, like TelePacific having pop-a-shot basketball games in their booth. Swoosh!

Telesphere and BroadSoft are unveiling a massive 8-foot-tall, 3,200 pound aquarium developed by the creative team of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing from Animal Planet's hit show, "Tanked." Representatives of Telesphere tooke part in filming an episode of "Tanked" that will air on the Animal Planet Network in April. So telecom hits reality TV.


from left to right: Brett Raymer, ATM; Wayde King, ATM; Clark Peterson, CEO Telesphere; Irwin Raymer, ATM.


In what looks like a pivot but is just a way to get traction, Panterra launched SmartBox, which is like combining Dropbox and WhatsApp into one interface for users [90 sec video]. The bonus is that it is secure (encrypted according to Panterra). You can't say that about too many apps.

Two other features: (1) 2GB of storage is free but Unlimited storage is just $15 - and it pays the partner on that $15 (plus spiffs currently). And (2) if partners sign businesses up for SmartBox, it tags that business to that partner like dealer registration. If that biz upgrades through the SmartBox app to UC, the partner gets paid. Nice program, right?

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