Thoughts on the Industry Right Now

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Thoughts on the Industry Right Now

All the forecasts: have any of them been accurate? Or is it just a way to sell reports? If it is, let me know and I will start writing forecast reports too.

Think about this: "for 2013, Infonetics reported that the global market for VoIP services brought in $68 billion in revenue, an eight percent gain over 2012." [source]. Gartner says: "telecommunications services are expected to represent U.S.$1.701 trillion, a rise of 2.4% over the U.S.$1.661 trillion in 2012" globally. So VoIP is $68B out of $1701B - or 4%!!!!


The Internet of Things: enough already!! Sheesh! This is a nascent sector, so revenues can only go up, especially when you consider that it swallowed M2M. Write an article when one of these IoT inventions actually does something cool. Thanks!

Nice to see that Google's FiberHoods and Gigabit Broadband worked to some degree to spur the incumbent ISPs into providing Gigabit Broadband at least in some parts of the world. The RBOCs - especially VZ - has been getting paid in rate hikes since like 1999 to provide very high speed broadband to homes in the Northeast, but like everything else in government oversight of Too-Big-To-Fail-Practically-Monopolies is non-existent along with its promises and merger conditions.

Forbes article via Rich titled Why Amazon Should Acquire Sears. Very interesting. The other chain dying is Radio Shack according to Forbes. But reports indicate that mall traffic is down and dollar stores are moving in to replace stores that are closing. Westfield and its peers may have to re-imagine what a mall is, much like Barnes & Noble has to re-think what a book store really is.

What is cloud managed wi-fi????

I won an award for Florida Business Excellence from USTCI.

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