What The Channel is Selling

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What The Channel is Selling

Finance is buying MPLS (or IP-VPN or VPLS - depending on what flavor of private networking that the carrier is using). Banks, credit unions, insurance and other financial companies have a unique set of regulations to follow, including ones that define storage.

Healthcare is also buying MPLS. Healthcare has a mandate for private networking, encryption and security, all driven by the HITECH Act and Rule-making. Even the cellphones and VoIP have to be secure, which leaves room for MDM (mobile device management) to be sold. Lots of add-ons if you can explain the rules and the value. For example, wi-fi and TV for the waiting room and secure WLAN for the patient areas.

Businesses are buying Ethernet transport from the Duopoly (and fiber players like tw telecom and Zayo). If you call it Ethernet, they will even buy it delivered over fixed wireless service. TDM is so yesterday.

The Entertainment industry is buying really fat pipe (GigE). Those movie files are uncompressed and extremely large (think terabyte).

Retail has its own set of problems to solve including PCI Compliance for credit card processing. With a big enough broadband circuit, retail can get VoIP, video surveillance, credit card processing, CRM, and data backup.

Think about the problems facing the company you are trying to sell to. Compliance issues being just one of the issues facing business owners today. Stop selling Products and start selling the whole solution.

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