Are You Getting Rejected By Cable?

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Are You Getting Rejected By Cable?

I hear a lot of stories about cable: (1) About a one-third order drop out rate due to no facilities: (2) Intensive paperwork for orders and quotes; and (3) clean orders are rare, which causes rejections that result in delays and extra time. Oh, and even worse:

A change in Comcast's process is making clean paperwork even more important. Effective immediately, Comcast's direct team may now take over any order that is rejected for more than four business days; causing partners to lose the order. Therefore, it is more important than ever to get all required documents compiled before submitting any orders and resolving rejects within the target goal of 48 hours.

Talking to a few agents, the overall average dollar size of deals has decreased - mainly due to price compression and to broadband. More business believe that they can run their business on broadband instead of dedicated Internet access (DIA/MIS). The price compression is being felt across the board as carrier after carrier sees revenue declines (especially in the wholesale sector).

For those with quota attached to carrier contracts, this means more and more deals have to be signed to keep the head above water.

For public carriers, it means the same thing. More and more deals have to be signed.

Small problem: sales is basically a time management exercise. So your sales forces have to get more efficient every quarter. Can you see the brick wall at the end of the runway yet?

To circle that around: spend your time wisely. Pay attention to details. Submit a clean order with all the attachments properly the first time. You literally don't have time to do it over.


An email from a source at Comcast Business states as follows: "We realize that items need to be dealt with prior to getting an entire clean order accepted into the system, especially if construction is required. If the coax order is rejected for any reason, partners have 49 days from when the opportunity was created to have it accepted by the indirect channel before it is closed out as a lost opportunity. This allows enough time for those issues to be handled with the customer and the paperwork to be completed. It normally does always not take that long, be we allow that time period in order to complete the process."

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