More VoIP M&A: Onvoy Buys Vitelity

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More VoIP M&A: Onvoy Buys Vitelity

An unnamed source sent me the press release that Onvoy is buying Vitelity. It reads, "Onvoy, LLC, a leading provider of national and international carrier services, has completed the acquisition of Vitelity assets, including all Vitelity customer contracts and user agreements. During the next several months we will further connect the Vitelity platform to Onvoy's national voice network, greatly expanding geographic reach, resilience, and scale for Vitelity customers, while maintaining the innovations and online experience Vitelity offers today."

It was announced a couple of days ago on DSLR.

Onvoy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zayo Group Holdings, Inc., based in Minneapolis, MN.

This follows One Source Networks acquiring StarView. It's all about scale in a commodity business. And if you are not growing, you are dying (apparently).


Someone once told me that the status quo isn't good, because you are static - and the rest of teh world will run right by you.

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