One Way to Differentiate

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One Way to Differentiate

My agent business (activity) has picked up considerably lately. Someone found me via my blog looking for a phone system that would integrate with ACT and Outlook. Doing some research, ShoreTel Sky and 3CX came up. Talking with a master agent I found out that Digium and Broadsmart do the integration as well. (I didn't get that from Google.)

The point is: Integration will be where the tires hit the gravel in cloud services including communications. If you have experience integrating successfully with software like ACT (CRM), Outlook (mail clients for click-to-call), ZenDesk, Zoho, Google, etc. make sure it is on your website. Blog about it.

Buyers are savvy today, doing more and more research online before contacting companies. There are far too many choices for almost anything today. So if your website is static, you are screwed. If you aren't updating your website, search engines will ignore it. Long gone are the days of a yellow page listing helping you out.

Do you know why integration is important? Business Outcome.

Businesses aren't buying a phone system or a piece of software or Internet Access, they are buying a business outcome - a way to talk to prospects and customers; a tool for their business productivity; or the highway to all that the rides on the IP protocol. That's what they are buying.

Without a current website with relevant info, you WILL lose deals (and probably not even know it).

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