Between the NSA and the Courts, US Cloud is Dead

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Between the NSA and the Courts, US Cloud is Dead

After all the Snowden revelations about PRISM and other programs that the NSA and other government agencies amass personal information about every person on the planet, the US Cloud Providers took a hit, especially in Europe, where the privacy laws actually have teeth.

We get that behind us (a little) just in time for a federal judge in US District Court to rule that Microsoft must comply with a US warrant for customer data despite that data being stored in a company data center in Ireland! [techrepublic]

Is this a reason for tech companies to move overseas? Other than saving big on taxes, it won't save them from this overreach. They aren't going to pull up stakes in the US and abandon customers and equipment.

The irony for me is that these same companies built this monster that is now hampering their global growth. All that lobbying and Super PAC money bought you exactly what you got.

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